Monday, October 8, 2012

A Tribute to My Fellow Shop Owners at Etsy

I have always loved vintage and antique items, I think inspired by older architecture in the city where I grew up.  I remember as a child walking on Main Street in Buffalo, NY, holding my grandmother's hand as I strained to see all the way to the top of the buildings that seemed so high.  She would take me to the old AM&A's building where the animated window displays absolutely amazed me.

When I got older, my brother, Alan, started collecting and dealing in antiques and interesting vintage items, and he piqued my curiosity with all the wonderful items he came across, especially some of the beautiful lamps and furniture.  My vintage career started basically as a fluke.  I had an interest in vintage and retro clothing, wanting to open my own online shop, but not exactly sure how or where to start.  I had mentioned this interest to him, and one day he called and asked if I would be interested in some vintage designer clothing.  He had answered an ad on Craig's List for a washing machine, and when he arrived the woman at the door profusely apologized for the mess in the house, explaining that her elderly mother had been placed in a nursing home and they were overwhelmed with the task of emptying the house before selling it.  As a joke, she asked my brother what he would give her to take it all off her hands.  He made an offer, and she accepted.

The woman who owned the home was an antique jewelry dealer, and although there was no expensive jewelry included in this sale, there were more than 4 large closets full of vintage designer clothing, shoes, and accessories.  I made my start with the clothing, selling online on Ebay.  I soon found that "vintage" was a subjective term on Ebay and could mean anything from antique to a couple months old.  So, I did extensive research to find what actually qualified a garment as vintage.  I found so many helpful sites like Vintage Fashion Guild and one of my favorite blogs by Sammy Davis.

Before long I discovered Etsy, a wonderful website that features different shops offering handmade and vintage treasures, and established my own shop where I strive to bring great vintage and retro designer items, collectibles, and home decor at prices that are affordable.  I'm always on the watch for high-end, high-quality items at estate sales and auctions, my favorite antique/vintage venues. we have it.  My vintage career in a nutshell and my new blog where I plan to feature different items offered by different shops at Etsy.  Please follow along to discover some great vintage and antique items from my fellow shop members.  Who may find that special item that you've searched high and low for.  Or the fun, quirky treasures that we've come across on our vintage "sailing."



And, believe it or not, the store below is still located on Main St., East Aurora, NY.  It has been there as far back as I can remember.


  1. Wonderful read, an extension of you, cool pics and great layout. Love it! Will drop by often!

  2. Robin this is a wonderful blog! You have done a great job! How inspiring.